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I have known Mr Brownson since 2010, when I joined Liverpool FC and he was my first port of call for upper limb injuries requiring surgical input. He was recommended to me by other shoulder surgeons, I have worked with and he has never disappointed, providing excellent advice and management, whenever he was called upon. Together we were able to provide optimum care for players, whenever surgery was required, to ensure they were able to return in the shortest time possible.Even though I have returned to London I would still seek his expert opinion.

Dr Zafar Iqbal
Head of Sports Medicine Crystal Palace FC
Sports Medicine Physician – PURE sports clinics.

As a Sports Medicine Doctor looking after elite, international athletes across many sporting disciplines I have indeed been fortunate to have access to exceptional surgeons from many countries. Living in Liverpool I have no further to look than my own City to find an exceptional shoulder specialist in Peter Brownson. He operated on many of my patients with outstanding results. Peter has also built a team of physiotherapy specialists around him who compliment his work, in the post-operative rehabilitation process, second to none.
I have recommended him to many of my Sports Medicine colleagues many of whom have referred their own high profile patients to Peter. Some of these patients have also provided testimonials on this site.

Dr Mark Waller
Posts have included: Team Doctor to Liverpool F.C., Aston Villa F.C., England Under 21 Team.

“Peter has been a great mentor and role model through my orthopaedic career. He is truly at the forefront of shoulder surgery in the United Kingdom.
His dedication to training and development to the speciality of shoulder surgery has been recognised by his peers with his election to Vice President of the British Elbow and Shoulder Society.”Amit Bidwai
Shoulder and Elbow Fellow at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust

As a member of a Everton medical team we benefit from being able to refer our patients to the most eminent surgical teams both in this country and abroad.
When dealing with shoulder conditions we are in the fortunate position of being able to call on Mr Peter Brownson, his surgical and post-operative management of a number of our team members ranging from premier league players, junior squad members and coaching staff has been of the highest standard.

His surgical techniques and post-operative rehabilitation advice have enabled these patients to regain optimal pre-operative function. The many benefits of being able to source such high quality treatment for our players locally cannot be underestimated.

Richie Porter (Everton Football Club Physiotherapist)

For over 10 years I have turned to Peter Brownson for specialist advice and treatment of Shoulder Injuries in Professional and Youth footballers in addition to other Athletes and patients whose occupations and leisure activities have been affected by Shoulder problems.The expertise of Peter and that of his Rehabilitation colleagues following surgery has proved invaluable on many occasions.

Dr Steve McNally
Manchester United Club Doctor

pb uploadI am a current National Physical Performance manger for Georgia Rugby Union, and have held similar roles in the UK with Various Professional Rugby Union and League Teams, over the years I have had the opportunity to work with numerous players and Medical Professionals who Mr Brownson has worked with or operated on and or treated. My experience with these players has been very positive. Athletes and top sports Medical practitioners trust Mr Brownson and so do I, And when the time came for myself to need Rotator cuff surgery there was only one Surgeon I wanted to see.
Mr Brownson operated on my shoulder and got me back to exercising and doing my job with very quickly. I have a tremendous amount of trust in his surgical skills and his ability to communicate the expectations and outcomes of the surgery. This is one of his greatest strengths as he spends time explaining not only the surgery but also the rehabilitation requirements that go along with the surgery.
. I am very grateful to Mr Brownson and his Team for the great job they did for me. I cannot recommend them enough for the Treatment and after care I have received.

Ryan Gibney
National Physical Performance manager
Georgia Rugby Union

Sports People

My annual email is a few days late this year, why you ask? I flew out from Heathrow to Miami on the 6th anniversary of my ostenil injection for my osteoarthritis problem in my shoulder to take part in the GB Ladies 75 team to compete in the World Super Seniors Team Tennis Championships in Boynton Beach, Florida. We were delighted to win the bronze medal behind the USA and France. This was my first international cap!

The resolution to my injury has been nothing short of miraculous, allowing me to continue my tennis career which last year took me into the 75 and over category. In the last 6 years I have been lucky enough to have played at Wimbledon, won the British Indoor Open and finished with a bronze medal in the World Championships Mixed Event.

As ever, I thank you for the help and care you gave me with my shoulder! All the best Phyllis.

Phyllis Bentham


‘I am a former Great Britain and England boxer, ABA Elite finalists and 3 x North West and North England champion.
On turning professional I suffered a dislocated shoulder a few weeks before my first fight. I had been having problems with my shoulder for years and years throughout my amateur career. After the dislocation I honestly thought that my career was over as it just didn’t feel right, never fully recovered and it kept partially coming out. After speaking with other doctors I was told I would need a Latarjet operation that would most likely end my career.
I was then informed about Doctor Brownson by my trainer who knew somebody who had gone to him for a similar injury and I had heard he was one of the best upper limb surgeons in the country. I booked an appointment with him right away.
On meeting with him, straight away I could tell he had something different about him… he explained everything very clearly giving me advice on the best options and made me feel so much more confident and upbeat that he could do a successful operation to have me back boxing again at the same time outlining all the risks.
I went ahead with the operation shortly after, and after sticking with the after care with Maryke, one of his chosen physiotherapists, only a few months later my shoulder felt completely healed and as strong as ever and I felt ready to get back into the ring. Two months after that on March 10th 2018 I made my professional debut at the echo arena winning every round and the fight comfortably. My shoulder had never felt so good.
I feel confident and completely worry free about it now and I am looking forward to a successful boxing career in the pro ranks.
I cannot thank Doctor Brownson and his team enough and I would definitely recommend him to anybody with any upper limb problems.’

Mike McKay

Tyler Hamilton (002)I would like to thanks Mr Peter Brownson & Jo Gibson for the amazing work they did with my shoulder! From the initial appointment to the surgery and the appointments after, their expert help let me know I was in the best hands. My return to play has been much faster than first anticipated and my shoulder feels stronger than ever. I can now attack the rest of my career with confidence.
Tyler Hamilton Hull City Football Club

phylis picWhilst playing in the tennis Super-Seniors World Championships in Umag, Croatia in September 2015, my right shoulder became extremely painful. On arrival home I was referred to Mr Brownson (on recommendation from a friend). From the moment I shook hands with him I was made to feel special. His care and expertise were second to none. After a MRI scan an impingement was identified and treated with an injection which kept me painfree for a number of months. On my subsequent return, an operation was discussed and I was given the opportunity to choose when I would be ready to go ahead with this procedure (as my tennis season did not finish for a few months), but anothe alternative was muted I was asked to be a ‘guinea pig’ by Mr Brownson, and a gel was injected into my shoulder. The pain relief was immediate and I remain painfree five months later. In the said World Championships in 2015 I won a silver medal in the Mixed Doubles 70’s age group, and was asked by Mr Brownson to bring my medal on my next visit, he showed the medal to his colleagues, I felt very proud (and a little embarrassed!!).
Mr Peter Brownson – a very special person with a very special talent and personality.
Thank you Mr PB from Mrs PB (that is Phyl Bentham Age 71).

“I would like to thank Mr Brownson and his team for the amazing repair they conducted on my shoulder. Being involved in such a high contact sport I questioned myself wether I’d be able to train and fight again because of the extent of the injury, but the operation was successful and the aftercare was unbelievable.Now that I am back on track, I can go further and take on my next challenge, and hopefully one day be in the Olympics.

Ari Aristidou
British Judo Champion and three time finalist.

Jamie Carragher“I hate sitting on the side lines and thanks to the excellent care of Mr Brownson and his team I was able to get back into playing earlier than I had expected, for which I’m really thankful. The same goes for anybody in any profession, being out of action is really inconvenient.

When it comes to our health, we need to be able to trust whoever is looking after us and I felt extremely confident in the treatment I received. The new look Bone and Joint Centre where I received my treatment from Mr Brownson feels more like a relaxing hotel than a hospital.

Jamie Carragher
Liverpool FC

I presented to Mr Brownson with a detached bicep which was approximately two years post injury and was causing almost continuous pain at the point where the tendon detached, and intermittent cramping in the biceps muscle when performing specific movements.On examination Mr Brownson concluded that, although there was never any guarantee with any surgical procedure, he felt that by performing a sub pectoral tenodisis that there was a good chance of alleviating the problem.

The procedure and minor risk factors were thoroughly explained to me, and from diagnosis, through surgery and to post operative care Mr Brownson’s professional management of my injury has been exemplary. The pain management has been such that even during the recovery phase I have not experienced any major discomfort, and I am absolutely delighted with the final outcome, both functionally and cosmetically.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Brownson and his team.

Mr Grabner
International Tri-athlete

delphLovely Instagram post from Fabien Delph of Aston Villa following his return to fitness in the 2014/2015 season.

“I am a former Paralympic Powerlifter. Unfortunately, 23 years ago I had to retire from the sport I loved due to shoulder injuries.The injuries had left me having difficulty in transferring to and from my wheelchair.In those 23 years Mr Brownson has helped me to manage and maintain my injuries without reverting to surgery.

I feel that without the treatment and advice Mr Brownson has given me, my quality of life would have suffered.

James Jamieson


Following a fall on ice in January 2021 when I landed on my Right Shoulder I was seen at the A and E Dept. and then referred to Physiotherapy
as the were no fractures seen on X Ray. I commenced physiotherapy in March and it was continued until September2021 until I was seen by a Consultant within the NHS and eventually had an Ultrasound Scan. I had sustained muscular tears and a dislocated long head of biceps.
I was discharged from them to await a Physiotherapy appointment to commence a Deltoid Rehabilitation Programme. Over 3 months later I am still waiting and when I developed new symptoms I decided to seek a second opinion.

I had in the past worked in Spire Hospital Liverpool as a Staff Nurse in the Outpatients Department and so Professor Peter Brownson was my first choice when looking for a Consultation. Following an e mail to the hospital I was very lucky to be offered an appointment within the week. I saw Professor Brownson at The Bone and Joint Centre, Spire Liverpool Hospital today (12.01.2022).
I find him very easy to talk to and he takes his time answering questions clearly and fully in a way that can be easily understood. At no time did I feel rushed
and was able to ask all of the questions that I had on “my list “. Following an examination and a scan I left feeling reassured and more confident. Professor Brownson was also able to recommend a physiotherapist who specialised in the treatment and management of shoulder problems.
I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Brownson to anyone with a shoulder problem whether it is for a second opinion, advice, pain management or surgery as his professionalism and expertise in the field is second to none.

Angela Carey

Over the past 15 years I have had several operations on both shoulders and I have had the immense good fortune to have Mr Brownson as my surgeon. From the initial appointment to his pre op discussions, he always informs you fully of what the issue is, how it can be treated, what the surgical options would be, how long the initial recovery stage will be and what he hopes would be the eventual outcome.
He is approachable and makes time for questions and always answers clearly and fully. I feel I know my way around the shoulder joint after many demonstrations provided by him with his red model shoulder!!
His skill has ensured that I have full mobility in both shoulders and can live an active life.
I can recommend him highly and whilst I really hope I don’t need his services again, I would not hesitate to go back to see him if I did!

I hope you and your family are all well,
Best wishes
Bee (Jane) Squire

“I came to see you after suffering for many months with an extremely painful shoulder, and significant loss of movement. You diagnosed frozen shoulder and did arthroscopy and capsular release followed by Hydrodilatation.
I have to say I found you the most caring, kind and exceptional man. You explained everything in detail and gave me the confidence to put my trust in you.
I was in so much pain, I couldn’t dress myself or drive my car. It was very depressing. I thought I was losing my independence.
I have had a wonderful pain free Summer and it’s all down to you, I am enjoying life again.
I cannot thank you enough Mr Brownson you have given me back my independence.

We are lucky to have you!

L Robinson

“Dealing with injuries can be frustrating for most athletes, especially when the patient has been previously misdiagnosed. I went to Dr. Brownson with a condition previously diagnosed as a tight muscle, and found out thanks to his expertise on the subject what my condition really was, the severity of it as well as helpful advice in regards to my rehabilitation process. I feel lucky to have found a doctor who takes the time to help their patients beyond just providing a diagnosis”

D Mayz

“I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while but as the time passed it became harder to put into words how grateful I am towards you for what you’ve done for me. I found myself thankful that in the last few years I’ve managed to start to build towards a career in healthcare, and I thought back towards the time when I first met you. I couldn’t perform any kind of outward movement with my right arm, I couldn’t lift it up or bare any weight on it. Sometimes, it would just fall out of socket without any pressure at all. At the time I remember envisaging a very bleak future for myself. I thought I’d be dependent on painkillers forever just to numb the pain that I constantly found myself in. I didn’t think I would be able to amount to much.

My father passed away this year and he always held you in very high regard for what you done for me. I remembered around the time thinking of this bleak period of my life prior to the operation, waking up after a fit in the accident and emergency department of the Royal Hospital, and turning to face my father who looked terrified for me. I remember apologizing and crying due to the guilt of making him feel so scared for me. He told me not to worry about it and that none of it was my fault. Because of the work you and your team done so expertly my father never had to worry about me damaging my body any further with any of my fits due to my epilepsy. In hindsight, I can’t thank you enough for that.

Coming forward all these years and I’ve got a job that I love, I live independently and I’m able to be in a position where I’m building a career for myself. This is down to the skill, determination and work ethic of you and your team. I have no words to express how much you changed my life. I feel like a completely different person from where I was then to where I am now. I just want to thank you for putting me in a position where I can be independent and free from pain. All that time ago I couldn’t have envisaged such a positive outcome for myself. Apart from the odd bit of stiffness or soreness occasionally, which tends to be relieved with exercise or physio, I’d barely know I’d had any work done. Mr E.”

Mr E

“After several years of rotator cuff pain, numerous previous doctors appointments without a solution and physiotherapy sessions without any results, Mr Brownson has expertly solved the issue at it’s core.

Through every moment of my procedure I was treated with the utmost professionalism and care. My quality of life has been thoroughly restored and I am truly grateful for the amazing work that Mr Brownson has done for me.”

Shirley Hadley

I sustained a minor shoulder injury in May 2017, which had been treated with steroid injection, and on going physiotherapy over a six month period at the local hospital. However, my shoulder was becoming increasingly painful in spite of pain relief medication, and I had a significant loss of range of motion.

This had a huge impact not only on everyday activities, but also on my ability to carry out my work as a professional gardener, as I was physically unable to move my arm in a normal way. I was in continuous pain, and was unable to sleep.

I knew I needed an accurate diagnosis, so that a treatment plan could be put in place, in order to get my shoulder working properly again.

Mr Brownson had been recommended to me by one of my customers, and I called The Bone and Joint Centre at Spire Hospital, Liverpool in November 2017 to book a consultation.

From the moment I met Mr Brownson, I knew I had made the right decision. He immediately diagnosed a frozen shoulder, and further tests showed I had a large bone spur, which was causing impingement syndrome.

Mr Brownson went through the range of options, explaining clearly the pros and cons for each option, and likelihood of a successful outcome. I had no hesitation in opting for surgery to release the frozen shoulder, and a subacromial decompression to remove the bone spur. To my amazement Mr Brownson offered me an operation date within three working days, and organized the pre-op assessment the same afternoon.

I was contacted by my physiotherapist (Maryke Nielson), the next day, who explained what to expect when I awoke from surgery, and booked three sessions of treatment for the following week.

The results of surgery and post-operative physiotherapy were simply staggering. Within three weeks I had regained a huge range of motion, and very little residual pain remained. An excellent resource in conjunction to my physiotherapy visits, where the videos on Mr Brownson’s website The website has a large number of video-clips featuring physiotherapist and patient, demonstrating all the exercises required post-operatively. This was invaluable, as it can be difficult to remember the precise way to perform exercises, once you have returned home. I continued to attend physiotherapy for approximately eight weeks, and the results of the surgery have been fantastic.

I owe Mr Brownson a huge debt of gratitude. He is an extremely clever and caring man, whose speedy intervention meant I was able to return to work in January 2018, much sooner than I had thought possible. I can honestly say I could not have had better treatment. Mr Brownson is an exceptional surgeon, with a superb team. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, indeed The City of Liverpool is very lucky to have him!

Christine Rigby

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making me pain free. I actually feel like my old self. No need for any medication since my op. Cant stop smiling!

Mr Brownson has been my consultant for the past 2 years since 2017 at Spire hospital, I honestly can’t thank him enough. I went to him in agonising pain in first, my left shoulder, due to impingement and frozen shoulder. He literally could not help me enough. I had MRI and ultrasound scans to detect the problems followed by hydrodilitation and steroid injections, eventually resulting in keyhole surgery. I felt as though I was cared for throughout the whole process.

This year (2018) the same problem arose with my right shoulder and once again Mr Brownson showed expertise and care and attention, trying other methods of pain relief before keyhole surgery. I cannot begin to state how thankful I am to Mr Brownson. The quality of life I have regained, also the mobility I have regained in both shoulders all of this is all down to Mr Brownson and Spire hospital for their excellent care. I no longer need medication for pain and feel as though I have real quality of life. I cannot rate Mr Brownson highly enough, I am delighted with the results of my treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Brownson.

Lisa Potter

On 20th January 2017, while skiing, I was hit at some speed by an out of control snowboarder. I landed on my shoulder and, on return to the UK, my physiotherapist recommended that I should go to see Mr Brownson as soon as possible as she realised that my shoulder was seriously damaged. On seeing Mr. Brownson he immediately checked my shoulder by ultra sound and, after seeing this, I was given an MRI scan just 2 hours later.
The scan showed a large acute rotator cuff tear as well as some damage to the biceps tendon. The operation was performed in February and by August I was back to normal, I really can’t believe how good my shoulder feels and is performing now. I went back to see my physiotherapist (Janet Wiggins) at the end of August and she was so pleased with the progress I had made and was really impressed by Mr Brownson’s skills as a surgeon.
As a 60 year old, reasonably fit woman who enjoys her sport, I cannot thank Mr. Brownson enough for his caring manner as well as his ability to perform what was quite a challenging operation and enable me to return to doing the sports I love once again.

Yours sincerely
Carole Storey

How can you say thank you to a very special person who has given you back your quality of life, not just once but twice.

I first met Peter Brownson in 2006 when he accepted the challenge to repair my right shoulder which had been diagnosed as irreparable after the MRI scan. The surgery to repair my rotator cuff took place in January 2007 and was completely successful giving me back full complete movement.

So ten years later when I damaged my left rotator cuff there was only one person I wished to see and my surgery took place in January 2017.

Peter Brownson’s amazing skill is augmented by wonderful physiotherapists and the combined effect is a team that has and is giving me care and support that is specific to my needs.

I feel I have been very fortunate to have met Peter Brownson –
I am, thanks to him, very active and independent which is a wonderful thing to be able to say in your 70th decade.

Thank you.

Pat Duncan

“Towards the end of 2015, I was struggling with severe pain in my right shoulder which would often keep me awake at night.
A visit to the Liverpool Shoulder Clinic diagnosed the problem as a torn rotator cuff which would require surgery to fix.
I was able to select a date for surgery which best fitted around my private life and around my work and found that the whole team, led by Mr Brownson, worked super-effectively both prior to and after my operation to minimise my pain and to return my shoulder to full working condition in the shortest possible time with only the tiniest of scars.
All the hospital staff were friendly and efficient and I felt totally at ease with the procedure and enjoyed seeing my progress through the prescribed physiotherapy sessions after my operation.
I was delighted with the results and my return to pain-free and full movement by the summer.Last summer, however, I noted similar symptoms in my other shoulder and , upon returning to the clinic, I was found to have an almost identical tear in my left shoulder.
I had no hesitation in booking myself in for a second operation in September having received such excellent care and results the first time around.
Again, I am delighted with the outcome and now have no pain in either arm and have full mobility and excellent strength and improved grip from both arms.

I can heartily recommend the Liverpool Shoulder Clinic to anyone experiencing similar problems”

Paul McBreen

stephen tue ” Dear Peter, Its been a while since we spoke, so I thought that I’d give you a quick update on Stephen and his progress.
Since you repaired his shoulder he really has gone from strength to strength. It is exactly a year since played his first game of rugby after the reconstruction and (touch wood) he has been injury free and stronger than ever.
Last season he captained the Yorkshire U17s side in a successful campaign culminating in them beating their old rivals Lancashire. He has now been selected to play for Yorkshire U18s and has made it into the Yorkshire U20s side as well. Additionally he was delighted to recently be selected for the Yorkshire Terrier touring side in summer 2017 – he will get to spend a month touring Australia, New Zealand and Singapore playing rugby before he goes off to University.
On the school front he is doing well. He is captain of the School first XV and has also been elected as Head Boy. He is trying to balance the rugby with his A-Levels and is hoping to get into either Oxford or St Andrews to read history. It is going to be a busy year for him!
Both Ruth and I are absolutely convinced that without your surgical skills Stephen wouldnt have returned to competitive rugby and achieved what he has both on and off the field. More importantly he wouldnt be enjoying life as much as he is. Thank you, we really do owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for him.”Email from Chris Tue, Father of Stephen

Clayton Leah pictureAfter having trouble with my shoulder for a few months following an injury sustained in a basketball match, I was referred to see Mr Peter Brownson. I had already undergone an MRI Scan and Cortisone injection which was unsuccessful. After the first meeting with him, he addressed the issue and gave me the options to go ahead in an attempt to solve it. Within the consultation, he had not only assessed the injury, but had me go for another MRI Scan, book me in for surgery the following week and also complete a pre-op to ensure everything could go ahead. The whole process was overwhelming but also extremely relieving in that action was being taken and with haste.

The surgery went extremely well with no problems whatsoever. It was a routine surgery according to Mr Brownson. I was and still am, amazed in his knowledge and ability. With me only being 23 years old, going into surgery with the potential for it to ruin my career as a Personal Trainer and Powerlifter was extremely daunting, but he gave me good reason to trust him, and I am so glad I did. The result is amazing and I am back to nearly full strength after just 12 weeks. I can’t thank him enough and I would recommend (and have recommended) him to anyone. Thanks again.

Clayton Leah aged 23

Having experienced loss of strength, pain and locking in my left elbow which I was unable to straighten for some considerable time. I opted to
Seek help from Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Peter Brownson at Spire Healthcare. Within a very short period of time I had a consultation a scan and diagnosis.
Mr Brownson performed Arthroscopic surgery on my left elbow and removed loose bodies. Within a week I was able to fully straighten my arm, had no pain or locking in my left arm.
I am now able to fully enjoy life again pain free. Thank you Mr Brownson and every single member of staff at the Spire Hospital.Paul Troake aged 58

Following Mr Brownson performing a sub pectoral tenodisis to repair my detached bicep I am delighted to to announce that I recently captained the British team in the European Triathlon championships in Geneva. The operation was a huge success and the care I received exemplary, I cannot thank you Mr Brownson and his team enough for bringing me back to full fitness.Ron Grabner




In January 2005, I slipped on an icy pavement in Prague and fell heavily on my right shoulder, but didn’t think I’d caused any serious damage. Some weeks later, nagging pain and reduced mobility made me visit my GP – a clinical orthopaedic lead in a large practice near Bradford. He referred me for an ultra-sound scan and this showed that I had split a tendon in my upper arm. As a result I was sent for physiotherapy and thus I began a long journey where I was treated with various types of pain-killer interspersed with bouts of intensive physiotherapy. For years, I kept returning to my GP with the same signs and symptoms and was given the same treatment. Despite my being refused a further scan and despite seeking a review of my treatment regime, after seven years I had no permanent resolution for my situation. Instead, I had to “grin and bear it”.In January 2012, I moved across the Pennines, registered with a GP in Huyton and was quickly referred to Mr. Brownson for an assessment. More thorough scanning showed that the damaged tendon in my upper arm had healed but it also indicated more serious problems around the rotator cuff. This included two tendons which had been ripped apart and a third which was being frayed by a bone spur. Some muscles had atrophied through lack of use and others had become distorted as a result of the years of inappropriate physiotherapy and over-use. I was offered keyhole surgery, with the proviso that the passage of time since the original trauma, plus the treatment regime I’d endured, meant that success was only a possibility rather than a probability.

To my delight, I was operated on within a few months of my arrival in this part of the world and I am now nine months into my 12 month period of rehabilitation. The effect of the surgery and the targeted physiotherapy has been remarkable. The pain has all but disappeared; the mobility is far better than I expected and strength plus flexibility has returned. No longer is a good night’s sleep just a memory and no longer do I have to think about pain-killers before driving any distance. I am no longer using my left arm instead of my right arm for stretching and lifting.

A casual glance at the site of the operation gives no indication of the seriousness of the work carried out by Mr. Brownson below the surface. The quality of work carried out is known only to the two of us and I am more than happy to credit Mr. Brownson for his efforts.

Richard Hackford – Huyton

I count myself so fortunate to have benefited from Mr Peter Brownson’s skill and expertise. After falling hard onto my left shoulder, I had a miserable year with restricted movement and increasing pain. I could hardly use my left arm, being unable even to use my hairdryer! At night peaceful sleep was impossible because of the pain. Eventually I found my way to him for a second opinion. From then on things improved. He injected the shoulder immediately, which gave me much relief. He operated on it on 14th December 2012. I was quite anxious about this and really appreciated the care and attention I was given by Peter Brownson and his team. The operation and immediate recovery was far easier than I anticipated. The pain relief regime I was given worked for me and as did the physiotherapy. Now at the end of March 2013, and fifteen weeks later, I am “as good as new”. I have got full movement back, am serving over arm on the tennis court and even able to do the back crawl in the swimming pool which, I thought I would never do again. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend anyone to seek his help.Sara Postlethwaite – A happy Granny

My name is Geraldine Holroyd, I am a 72 year old housewife. I am writing to express my delight, after Mr.Peter Brownson performed a rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder in December 2010 and again in September 2012 on my left shoulder. Both results were amazing! I have full movement in both, and completely pain-free. What a difference it has made to my life!!The care, expertise and subsequent care I received from Mr.Brownson and his team was excellent. Many , many thanks from a very grateful patient.

Geraldine Holroyd

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the treatment I had on 28 November 2014 at The Spire Hospital, Liverpool. I had a frozen shoulder which I had very limited movement and was in extreme pain. I cannot believe how much movement I achieved from the key hole surgery that you performed almost instantly. I had quite a lot of movement the very next day after the operation. Also the pain in the very first 3 weeks after the operation was very manageable.The difference this operation has made to my personal, work and social life is outstanding. Before I had the frozen shoulder I was such an outgoing person who ran 6 miles 2-3 times a week, attended circuit training 2 times a week and had a busy social life with friends. Since September 2014 I was so low who was unable to run and go to circuit training and did not have any interest in socialising with my friends. All I done was go to work, come home and sleep and cry. I was in so much pain I could not describe it.

The goals I achieved in the time after the operation are:
– Driving 2 days later
– Dog grooming 7 days later
– Light circuit training 12 days later
– Stopped taking any medication for pain relief 3 weeks later
– Discharged from physiotherapist 5 weeks later
– Back in the gym and street running 5 weeks later

Maryke Nielsen (physiotherapist at Spire hospital) was my allocated physiotherapist . She was so professional and thorough at all times. She filled me with so much confidence each time I visited her.

I know the surgery I had is a typical day at the office for you. But I wanted to convey to you the positive impact it has had on my life. I very rarely have any pain (unless I sleep on the affected shoulder for too long) I now have my social life and keep fit life back. And I no longer have to take any medication.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that my recovery results can be passed on to others who are considering the surgery. This then gives them hope that there is life after a frozen shoulder.

Denise Kennedy

At the age of 61 I retired from full time teaching. On the first day of a family retirement holiday in Ibiza I slipped on wet tiles and fell on to my shoulder. The injury was serious. The rotator cuff was badly damaged with three of the four muscles completely torn and one barely hanging on.
Initial diagnosis in Ibiza was limited to informing me that it “was bruising” but on my return home I was advised by my physiotherapist to ensure that I saw Mr Brownson. His initial examinations led him to doubt that any repair was possible but after further scans he decided to have an initial investigation arthroscopically and proceed to an “open operation” if it was feasible to do so.
Two important considerations should be mentioned. There seemed to be some reservations in medical circles about such surgery on a person over 60. Mr Brownson thankfully did not share these prejudices. He knew that I was both very active and very fit. Secondly he promised me that the recovery period would be both long – up to a year – and painful. He also advised me that persistence would be required in order to ensure any rehabilitation.
The operation was about 2 hours long and complex – “ a massive cuff repair for acute onchronic cuff rupture.” Mr Brownson then handed me over to the hospital physiotherapists and a long recovery ensued with monitoring appointments periodically.
Twelve months on from the operation Mr Brownson is delighted by the progress and I am thrilled by the movement and strength that his work had generated. My golf handicap is coming down and I am at the gym daily.
I cannot thank Mr Brownson and his team enough. The case refutes those who suggest that someone of 60 should not have such surgery. It has been a tremendous success and without it my quality of life would have been seriously impaired.Mr John Lally

After 5-years of constant pain in my right shoulder, and having been passed from pillar to post, I was referred to Mr Brownson at Spire Hospital.At my initial appointment Mr Brownson suspected I had a torn bicep. Scans confirmed this and in February 2014 he performed a ‘sub pectoral biceps tenodesis’ on my right shoulder. I am now 3 months post-op and my shoulder feels fantastic. I have a much larger range of movement and my shoulder no longer ‘clunks’. I can now swim, throw a ball and play racket sports, all of which I haven’t been able to do for 5 years. I can’t thank Mr Brownson enough. This operation has given me back my quality of life.

Sarah Wheeler

For 18 months I had agonising pain in my right shoulder extending into arm unable to move it most of the time, I had many sleepless nights. Physiotherapy gave no relief, I was referred to Mr Peter Brownson at Liverpool bone and joint clinic at the spire.I was filled with confidence he could help me from 1st appointment,when he explained to me it wasn’t anything nasty, if honest we all think of worst it could be.After scans and x-rays, Mr Brownson told me what he could do to make me pain free he is so professional but understanding. I had surgery in February, right subacromial decompression and complete ACJ resection. I went home same day with a sling, I had nerve block so had no pain and felt good. 24hours later I went back for physiotherapy which continued weekly, I am completely pain free and have full use of my arm and this is within 3 months.

I am 68 years old and I have nursed all my career in intensive care, so I will say we are extremely lucky to have a surgeon with his skills professionalism and kindness in Liverpool, every patient counts, private or like me NHS. Thank you so much.

Glenis Fisher

“I am now 70 and those shoulders that you sorted out for me are still going strong. Still climbing twice a week and enjoying every minute. Best wishes and thank you, Frank.

As an 81 year old with arthritic shoulders and following 3 years of increasing agony, pain controlled by drugs and an unsuccessful “go” with cortisone injections, an operation was advised. The initial appointment was made within a working week and within a small space of two hours I had a consultation with Mr Brownson, an X-ray, MRI scan and blood tests. I was delighted to be told my shoulder was “shot” and an operation to replace the complete should left shoulder joint was duly arranged to fit around my pre-planned holiday.

Two weeks later the operation was completed and I was out of hospital after only 4 days as an inpatient. A comprehensive physiotherapy programme was put in place by the hospital to effect a speedy recovery. I cannot close this without saying that my experience at Spire Hospital was excellent from every department who went about their daily jobs with kindness, caring, competence, cheerfulness and efficient attitudes at all times. I have no hesitation in repeating the experience on my right shoulder later this year.

Fiona Morris

I injured my right shoulder during a football match and it left me with intermittent pain and clicking in the joint. I went to see Mr Brownson at the Spire Hospital and after an MRI scan, which revealed I had a tear in the back of the socket, he booked me in for keyhole surgery.The operation was a complete success and the shoulder is healing extremely well. After 3 months, I’ve got more or less all movement back, any pain is minimal and the clicking has stopped. The scars also healed nicely. If I have any more shoulder problems in the future that require medical attention, I would only see Mr Brownson again and would highly recommend him to anyone!

Phil Cashmore

A difficult to diagnose shoulder tear which was eventually discovered and treated during surgery. I was referred to Mr Brownson under the NHS and during each consultation I became more and more confident of his ability. He is a punctual highly professional consultant surgeon.Liverpool is very lucky not just for his achievements at The Royal but to have him here to help us. My operation was a complete success with minimal scarring, can’t thank him enough.

Simon Appleton, 37, Firefighter

I was suffering severe pain in my left shoulder and after several months of physical therapy, I was finally recommended to contact Mr Brownson to have surgical repair to my left rotator cuff, ligaments and tendons. In a very short time I was free from pain and able to use my shoulder as nature intended. Shortly later my other shoulder began displaying the same symptoms, as soon as I realised the problem I had no hesitation having the second shoulder repaired.I am now able to carry out a normal and full social and working lifestyle. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing problems pain or discomfort seeking treatment from Mr Brownson.

Gurmeet Gumbhir

“After what should have been a minor key hole operation on my left shoulder five years ago on the Isle of Man, I was left with a shoulder that would not work and so I asked for a second opinion from Mr. Brownson. I am so pleased that I did as he was the only person that I would trust after that and he has been superb.

Now thanks to his help, I have a very comfortable shoulder that I can use again.
His stitching technique is second to none as he has taken what was a terribly large scar and made it so much neater for me. I cannot recommend or thank him enough.

Rosemary Hudgeon – (52 year old mum and Estate Agent)

Whilst on holiday I fractured my right shoulder and the top part of my upper arm bone (head of humerus) had shattered into several pieces. I do not remember this as I also suffered a serious chest infection and was in a coma for 48 hours. After 11 days in the intensive care unit, I was repatriated back to UK on a stretcher and came under the care of Mr Brownson.The operation was highly successful, due to Mr Brownson’s skill as a surgeon and the post operative physiotherapy and care which he recommended. Now almost five years on, my shoulder is near-normal, with a good range of movement in my shoulder joint. I have a full-time job and lead an independent life with a small neat scar.

If it had not been for Mr Brownson, my shoulder movement would be restricted and I would be unable to drive or look after myself. I am forever grateful and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Brownson as a surgeon for anyone who has a shoulder injury of this sort.

Elizabeth Horsley – (Civil Servant)

Mr Brownson has carried out total shoulder replacements on both my shoulders. Before the surgery I had constant pain and no movement. Since the surgery, I have had no pain and an excellent movements. I am delighted with the results of my surgery.I have found Mr Brownson to be totally professional and he inspires huge confidence in his patients.

Glen Alison

In the last 8 years I had twice had an operation on my shoulder. In August 2008 I had another accident and once again my shoulder became a problem.I could not lift my arm above elbow level and was having sleepless nights because of the pain. My physio advised me to see Mr Brownson, as he had seen and heard good reports on his skills. I made an appointment to see him and from the beginning was impressed. My operation was in September 2008 and was told professionally that most consultants would not have attempted this operation.

I am so delighted with the result, as I have got all my movement back and nearly all my strength. I wish I had heard of Mr Brownson before August 2008. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Brownson to anyone with a shoulder problem.

David Pickavance

In the last five years I have had two shoulder operations as a result of a clinically relevant haemoglobinopathy and a road traffic accident. It was extremely painful and movement was so limited that I had to pick things up at eye level. I was not sleeping much at night on both occasions. The results following both shoulder operations have been remarkable.

Peter Brownson’s professionalism is unparalleled in the community and as a colleague he made sure the operations went well and I received the appropriate support, more so as I was reluctant to take too much time off work. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring a shoulder operation.

Dr Ade Olujohungbe
Associate Professor of Haematology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada