Jo has been teaching her shoulder course for nearly 18 years. During her career she has travelled all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the World to work with and observe some of the Worlds leading shoulder experts. Her involvement in original research, study at Masters level and vast experience of treating patients with shoulder problems has enabled her to develop a simple, evidence informed approach to rehabilitation of the shoulder that is immediately applicable.

The course is constantly updated as a result of emerging evidence and feedback from course participants but essentially reflects the approach Jo uses everyday in clinical practice to the benefit of patients. The course is designed to be honest, fun and interactive and includes plenty of treatment tips and real-life examples.


Course Dates & Venues

Date Duration Location Details & Booking
8th/9th Sept 2-day Belper [email protected]
20th Sept 1-day Newcastle Closed course
22nd/23rd Sept 2-day Truro [email protected]
4th October 1-day Derby [email protected]
11th-13th October 3-day Netherlands Closed course
3rd/4th November 2-day Copenhagen [email protected]
16th-18th November 3-day Montpelier [email protected]
21st November 2-day Derby [email protected]
2nd/3rd December 2-day Bilbao, Spain [email protected]
5th/6th January 1.5-day Liverpool Closed course
12th/13th January 1.5-day Northampton Closed course
20th/21st January 2-day London [email protected]
8th-11th February 3-day France [email protected]
17th/18th March 2-day Madrid [email protected]
23rd March 1-day Derby [email protected]
27th/28th April 2-day Stavanger, Norway [email protected]
24th/25th May 2-day Newcastle [email protected]
10th June 1-day Garstang [email protected]
4th July 1-day Derby [email protected]
7th/8th July 2-day Edinburgh [email protected]
8th/9th September 2-day London [email protected]
11th-13th October 3-day FRance [email protected]
21st November 1-day London [email protected]
1st/2nd December 2-day London [email protected]
7th/8th December 2-day Dubai [email protected]