Why do I need an elbow arthroscopy?

If you have had a history of ongoing pain and or locking in your elbow you may be a good candidate for arthroscopy. This procedure allows the surgeon to look inside your elbow joint and evaluate the surfaces and structures of the elbow joint and assess what is causing your symptoms. There can be many causes of pain and or locking in the elbow including loose bodies, arthritis and cartilage damage/tears.


Possible associated procedures?

When the surgeon has assessed your elbow it may be necessary for him to perform one of the following procedures. (He will discuss this with you before your operation);

  • Removal of inflamed tissue -this is called a debridement
  • Biopsy
  • Removal of loose bodies
  • Trimming or repairing torn cartilage
  • Release of contracture (if your elbow if very stiff)
  • What are the risks of having an Elbow Arthroscopy?