What should I expect after my operation?

  • After your operation you will be kept in the theatre recovery room before being transferred to the ward.
  • A nurse will check your pulse, blood pressure, and breathing rate regularly. It is important that if you feel any pain you must tell the nursing staff, who can give you painkillers to help.
  • The nursing staff will also advise you when you can start taking sips of water. Anaesthetics can make some people sick. If you feel sick we advise you not to drink until this feeling has passed. The nursing staff may offer an injection to help this sick feeling go away.

The ward physiotherapist will see you before you are discharged home to:

  • Assess your shoulder
  • Show you use of the sling and advise on when to wear it
  • Teach you the exercises you need to do immediately
  • Arrange an out-patient physiotherapy appointment at your local hospital

In treatments such as Capsular Release:-

A nerve block is used during the procedure, which means that immediately after the operation the shoulder and arm may feel numb. This may last a few hours. The shoulder will be sore when this wears off and this may last for the first few weeks. It is important that you continue to take the painkillers prescribed from the hospital. A cold pack or ice packs may also help reduce pain. Wrap frozen peas/crushed ice in a damp, cold towel and place on the shoulder for up to 15minutes.