BESS Patient Pathways released to SESI
13th March, 2019 Category: Latest News

The British Elbow and Shoulder Society’s (BESS) Patient Care Pathways, which are surgical procedure guidelines for conditions involving the shoulder and elbow, was released for members of the Shoulder and Elbow Society of India (SESI).

Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Deputy High Commissioner (Chennai), released the guidelines during the ‘IBHI-Elbow Conclave 2019’ conducted at MIOT International on Tuesday. Prithvi Mohandas, managing director of MIOT International, and Peter Brownson, president of BESS, were present.

“BESS developed the guidelines by collecting available evidence and conducting trials. Now, they have agreed to us using their content, and we have released a booklet on the guidelines,” Ram Chidambaram, director, MIOT Centre for Sports Medicine, Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgery and president of Shoulder and Elbow Society of India (SESI), told reporters. SESI has 300 orthopaedicians across the country as its members.

The collaboration with BESS would help in bringing in advancements in the field, knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, research and support, Mr. Chidambaram said, adding: “The guidelines will help in practising transparent medicine.”

The Elbow Conclave was organised by the Indo-British Health Initiative in association with BESS and SESI focussed on specialities in orthopaedics.